Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day in the US

Today, July 4th, is Independence Day in the United States. It is a day when people remember the freedoms they enjoy in this country including the privilege to worship God as they may, to vote, to speak out for different causes, and to go where you may. I created this video on the topic. Share your thoughts on what it means to "be free."



  1. "be free" means a person can talk, think, and do anything; always respect the others.
    I am Fernando from Bolivia

  2. According to US' constitution people have rights to talk, think and even have the belief. But my interpreatation to "being free" is a little different. Being free doesn't mean that you can do anything including hurt people. For example, people can express their opinions, but don't mean they can curse anyone. Therefore my definition for being free is freedom with the limited rights.


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