Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Challenges of Life: What things do you face and how do you deal with them?

All of us, sooner or later, will face some form of emotional, physical, or spiritual challenge in our lives that will test our limits of endurance. For some, it might be learning a language; for others, it could be dealing with the death of a love one. And still others may struggle with the pressures of daily life.

However, in most cases, learning how to deal with the challenges, frustrations, and disappointments of life helps build character, giving us the strength to move forward in life.

For me personally, many of those challenges are dealing with many day-to-day issues. Besides that, one of the things I enjoy (but is very challenging for me) is running long distances. Of course, I am very, very slow, but doing something that tests your limits and teaches you something along the way is what I like doing.

Recently, I participated in a snowshoe marathon. Yes, running in snowshoes up and down along the way in through some mountain trails. It was very hard, and I didn't win any prize, but even though I came in near the end, just finishing gave me satisfaction.

So, what about you? What challenges you most in life at the moment and how do you find the strength to continue on? Please share your ideas.


Randall running along a mountain trail


  1. Hello everyone and Randall
    I think the most significant feature of difficulties is that they look more difficult and serious.After some amounts of time pass,some problems are solved naturally,because we often see some difficulties as something more troublesome than what they are really.
    Of course the situation may be getting worse.So we should begin to face and deal with them at once,wondering how serious they are really.
    I think it difficult to speak English smoothly, but I estimate this is easier than I thought once.
    If I continue to study and practice,I will be able to speak English frequently someday.
    This is a wise saying to be kept for future reference.

    Don't spend time beating on a wall,
    hoping to transform it into a door.

                coco Chanel
    Full of connotation lol.
    kann-u form Japan

  2. Hello Randall and Kann-u,

    Since I'm a teacher, I face challenges on a daily basis. Besides teaching in a very impoverished place, I have to deal with discouraged students and lack of material to be used in class. Therefore, for me to have a successful class, I have to rely on my own creativity (and expertise) and count on my students for their help and suggestion, so that together we can overcome any difficulty along the school year.

    "Together we stand, divided we fall."

    Bruno (BRA)

  3. Hello Randall and Elllo friends.

    First of all facing challenges in daily life is as like when you were runing marathon, You faced many ups and downs in your snow running life is just like that.

    Also when you fullfil one thing you're lacking other. According to me I faced some challenges in my academic life really learning something isn't easy so to be patient,concentrate and flexible is good to overcome challenges to be hard learner.

    Hssn from Ethiopia now in America.

  4. Leaning English is one of my challenges of life. Sometime it made me feel so good, sometime it made me feel so bad. If I got a bad feel, I try to get rid of that to go to a mauntine trail. When I just hiked up and down along the trail, I made up my mind to keep going on my way. It's my method of dealing with something challenge in my life.

  5. My challenge of life is to keep balance between being a good mother and a good teacher. My five-year-old son and one-year-old girl always want to spend some time with me, but I always find myself doing lots of work to prepare for my classes. Randall, you seem to have a very happy family with kids. I want to get your tips!

    Rachel Lee
    English teacher in South Korea

  6. Hello Randall and everyone.
    All people in the world face with obstructions.Most of S.Korean students think study and score is the most important things. Everyone says that "They make our future and jobs! It's very important!"
    I agree. And I think English is very important. Pronouncing English, grammar, listening, reading, etc.
    I'm trying to improve my English score hard. And I believe, if I study hard and hard, I can success!

    Remember this.
    " Impossible is the excuse who do not try enough." I think it's the best sentence that I ever heard.

    Do not give up! You can succeed!

    Cheer up!
    Denny Lee from S.Korea

  7. Hello everyone and Randall
    My challenges of life is exam.
    When I ruined my exam I was very sad. Because if my mom saw these score obviously she will angry and sorry to me. Because my mom is busy everyday so she doesn't have any time to teach me and my younger sister. When I saw her expression I want to cry. Also, when I got a bad score I felt guilty and cry. Because I want to get good score but I don't get it. And then when I take another exam and good score I'm happy and around people are also happy.
    I think exam made everyone happy, sad, frustrated, and satisfy etc. I want to said, There's some hardships of our life, but if we endure that we will happy and satisfy because we win from ourselves. Therefore, we should live positive and endure from ourselves and hardships.
    bye bye

    A middle student in South Korea

  8. Well, I think that I always have many things in my life to face, Maybe because of the difficulty of them, maybe because of my lack of self-confidence. Anyway, I fight to get a high level of English, in spite of thinking sometimes that it won't be possible for me, but neither I was able to think that nowadyas I could write or speaking like I do.So, I'll go on in my personal fight with it, But there are other things which I face with and at he end I think can be the mst important. You know? one of the most important fight with mysself is no to suffer so much when someone hurt me, however, when someone who I cnsidered my friend hurt me I feel as if somenthing was broken into myself whitout any possibility to repair it. it's a deep painand I need long time to laugh. Uf! I wanted to write so much about this subject but probably it is already too long, isn't it?.
    I liked what bryan I think is his name, the teacher, write about it.
    Paqui, frm Spain,Málaga

  9. Sorry the comment I liked very much was of Bruno da Matta

  10. Hi Randall and english learners of this blog. Is my first time in this blog..

    In this moment I have thinking about what to do with my life...because I have been sttudyng since many years ago..and now that I have finished a master in e-commerce I need to find where I will work..oh maybe I can start a business...or I can continue studying a Doctorate...I don´t know exactly what to do with my profesional life in this moment..but I know that I want to do with my life something extraordinary..but sometimes I don´t Know which route to follow...for me is difficult think in the future...

    Otherwise, I know that life is like a cake that have a lot of pieces..and each piece is a part of our life: family, professional, personal, I want to find a balance in my life...and don´t take professional life like the most important thing..but sometimes is difficult...for me..

    Thanks for your attention..have a good day..

    Lupita -Mexico City-


  11. In my country
    it is common that young people
    have part-time jobs during
    both semester and the school vacation. However it can varies from place to place.
    Enthusiasm for study is
    over heated in the whole korea
    especially big cities such as
    seoul, busan. Students who live
    in big cities are forced by their parents and teachers to
    only concentrate studying for
    high GPA and preparation for
    University test so they have
    no choice but to study altough
    they want job experiences.

  12. hello everybody,i live in the north italy,i stopped studing very soon,when i was 14 i was yet i haven't got many time to meka me a when i was 20 years old i began to red books,all the types of books,politicals,novels...historicals
    and now i know much more things than people which studied...and now i'd like fill my ignorance about english language....byeeeeee


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