Thursday, January 21, 2010

Game Shows: Would You Be on TV?

TV is one form of entertainment most people watch to a certain degree, and you can find just about any kind of program on the air these days. One type of popular program is the game show. In many cases, people try to win prizes by participating in some form of game or challenge. One popular show that appeared on and off US TV was the Dating Game in which a woman (or man) would ask a series or questions to three men whom she could not see, and then select one to go out on a date, the expenses for which were paid by the show.

Now, if you had the opportunity be a contestant on such a TV game show, would you do it? Why or why not?

Share your thoughts on this or other TV game shows.



  1. I can attend a game show as long as it costs little.If I let a celebrity stay at my house,I can't forget this.And I can answer some questions which help a TV company make a program better.
    I would watch some game shows every evening ,but I don't now,because they bring me nothing but temporary amusement.If one looks around one's surroundings,one can find something better than game shows ,for example Randall's ESL Blog .lol.

  2. if i had the chance
    i would be wiling to attend
    the show. i think it is very
    interesting for me to see
    an opposit sex person.
    Nowadays, people tend to
    prefer others largely by visual
    impression although the more
    important thing that leads good relationship between people
    is their mind. people who chose
    their girl/boy friend mainly by
    visual impression can gradually become disappointed by realizing their partners' personalities.
    on the contrary,
    when they choose them first
    with their mind they can be
    close more easily

  3. Sorry for forgetting to
    let u know my country.

    Age 26 seoul s.korea

  4. Hello everyone,

    I'm afraid I would never ever participate in such a program. I'm very shy and wouldn't like to know that people from all over Brazil would be watching me.

    Bruno (BRA)


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