Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday: A Busy Shopping Day

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  1. Hi,
    I don't think there is something like Black Friday Sale in my home country, but around Christmas time, department stores put sign "Bargain Sale" on the building.

    Mostly sales happen before the holidays, like New Year's Day or Harvesting Day(Sort of Thanksgiving).

    Taeyoung from S.Korea, but I live in Alaska

  2. cleenliker in japan wrote.
    Hello randale and everyone.
    In Japan most stores has discount days which are held on certain dates , for exanples, an neighbor
    store held discount sales on 1st,11th,21th,and 31st.
    So there are many but a little busy shopping day in each store in Japan.Of course almost all stores held shopping days at the same time near Cristmas,New year days,and Bon ,a japanese tradithional religious days ,on which is said that late ancestors come back once a year.

  3. Hi there.

    I am from Japan and we have huge sales twice a year.
    There is one sale in the beginning of August which mostly with summer cloths.
    And the other "Black Friday" in Japan is the New Year's day. the winter sale normally last 3-5 days, and people get crazy for it and all the stores are incredibly crowded. The unique point is many retail shops feature "happiness bags" filled with lots of products. These, called "Huku-bukuro", are always the greatest deal, however, the bags are completely sealed so you can't see what you are going to get...Sometimes you recieve what you wanted but that's a rare case from my experience. Personally, I hate sales because I get tired of being in a crowd and it makes me dizzy.

  4. Hi,

    I leave in the United States but I grew up in France.

    Unfortunately, we don't have Black Friday in France but twice a year we have huge sales which last about one month each.

    The first big sale begins after Christmas and the second one kick off at the end of the summer.During these two seasons you can get great discounts, I would say that the average is around 40%.Sometime you can find discounts up to 70-90% of the regular price but this kind of offer is often on dated items.

    Actually, the first day of sale season is very similar to the famous Black Friday because people get in line early in the morning in order to get the best deal and to have choice.
    During the first days of sale season stores are very crowded.After these first days it's become hard to find the size or the color you want, but at the same time more you wait more the prices decrease !

    Last Friday was my first Black Friday, I get up early and I bought a couple of things but the discounts weren't as big as I expected.I hope that I'd better deal next year.

    Please feel free to correct my mistakes, thanks !!!

  5. Amina Germany

    In Germany normally the shops and malls are closed on sunday but there are up to four sundays in a year you can go for shopping and you get great deals. Normally these shopping sundays are around christmas and you get good offers. Thats why its really crowded in the malls on these days.

    I myself dont like to much crowd. Thats why i avoid going shopping these days.

  6. In Canada, there's Boxing Day, which is next day of Christmas. It is a holiday and every shop provide big discount products. Every year, we can see lots of people stay in a long waiting line to get into a shop from so early in the morning, 3 or 4 am. I don't know why they call it "Boxing day", but I just guess retailers can get rid of boxes that they have piled in their storage for a year.



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