Thursday, July 31, 2008

Keeping Love Alive: What are the keys?

Having been married for over 20 years, students often ask me about marriage, and I hear them talking about love and dating. Sometimes, they wonder why people seem to "fall out of love." I mean, no one begins a marital relationship, let's say, with the expectation that they will have problems with the relationship at some point. Now, I'm not saying that there are all kinds of challenges that we face in marriage: health issues, financial problems, challenges in raising children. I have experienced my own share along the way. However, what do you think are the keys to relationships that work and those that don't? Are there differences from one culture to another? What can people do before they get married to prepare for a long-term commitment?

Please share your ideas on this topic.


  1. In my opinion,before getting married,
    we should have a thorough knowledge about each other, about problems that we can meet in marital life.
    After getting married, we should share pleasure, saddess or problems to each other. Men can help women in housework, for example.

  2. i think communicaion is the most important thing between the lovers.
    Befor the lovers get married,they need to talk to each orther ,which can make they understand each .After married ,there are always so many unhappy in the family ,so communicating with your parterner is efficiant too.

  3. In my own opinion you must know your "type".. uh uh.. exactly, its a do or dont thing to consider in keeping love alive. You must be sensitive, honest, loyal and extra loving. When you do your part well in a relationship surely you will get what you best deserve. Stretch your patience,dont be in a hurry, try to take one step at a time because being in love is to LIVE.....

  4. Someone said "before you get married, open your eyes real big, then after you get married, close them"

  5. Indeed As for me , I think that mutual understanding and love are the most important keys,then come the others.

  6. What are the keys to keep love alive? For me,communication is the most important way to couple and they need have sense of belonging.

  7. i believe mutual understanding and immense love between couples leads a successful married life.effective communication is needed for mutual understanding which means understand each other and if any problems arise in their life ,give support to each other and be courageous to overcome the problem.


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